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Release date April 22, 2016

sony classic vinyl

REVIEW - Classical Souce - Antony Hodgson - December 2016 

 (five out of five)

Later generations of the Benda family inherited much musical talent including conductor (and composer) Christian whose performances are given on this recording in convincing style. Benda exploits the horns high in their register. The Prague Sinfonia has a fine horn section and these musicians perform their demanding melodic passages with immaculate accuracy. In the C-major Symphony that ends the programme the conductor’s firmly rhythmic treatment of the Minuet-like Finale gives suitable weight to this work. The Benda Symphonies are superbly played and are given excellent recorded sound within a spacious acoustic.


REVIEW - Gramophone - Balazs Zay - August 26, 2016

Christian Benda conducts cleverly, lively, colorfully. These are no doubt very good pieces. A valuable niche publication.


REVIEW - Classical Ear - Evan Dickerson - June 7, 2016

Much with and colourful invention... Each Sinfonia's performance is keenly accented and serves the music well, with faster movements being the main draw. There is an obvious affection in Christian Benda's conducting... The recording is bright... favouring the Prague Sinfonia's upper strings... A likeable venture.


REVIEW - Musikzen - L'air du jour - Marc Vignal

Full sunshine (4 out of 4)

Family history - Benda (Georg Benda) vigorous thanks to Benda (Christian)

Maybe this CD (only six symphonies) will be followed by another. It is to be wished, because the interpretation is of the highest caliber, both vigorous and precise, under the direction of Christian Benda.


REVIEW - klassik erleben - Helmut Peters

Christian Benda - Sinfonias

Listening to Christian Benda's fantastic recording of six symphonies by his ancestor with the Prague Sinfonia Orchestra, one is convinced that the musical language of the Bohemian composer must just be in the conductor's blood. 


REVIEW - De Volkskrant - Biella Luttmer - April 20, 2016

Prague Sinfonia Orchestra makes early classical pieces almost swinging

They blow you full in the face the sinfonias of Georg Anton Benda (1722-1795): fresh and spring-like, with strings that cannot wait to play their hectic rhythms.

The young Mozart wrote all this to his father: "I have heard here twice with the greatest pleasure Medea by Benda. Never before was I so taken. (...) You know that among the Lutheran Kapellmeister Benda was always my favorite. I love these works so much that I carry them with me. "

The instrumental pieces by the composer from the region that is now part of the Czech Republic, played by a czech symphony orchestra, led in a strikingly brilliant way by one of Benda's descendants: Christian Benda.

He has a good eye for the different characters in the works and keeps everything rhythmically so well in hand that the early classical pieces are almost swinging.


REVIEW - Pizzicato - Guy Engels - April 26, 2016

Refreshing Benda symphonies

Christian Benda shapes the six short symphonies in an equally refreshing, relish, virtuosic and captivating way. The conductor makes his orchestra shine, gives the musical text charm and provides it with delicate bright tones. The music never stops, pulsates constantly, and thanks to a detailed reading remains always exciting.


REVIEW - Radio-Canada - Frédéric Lambert - April 29, 2016

"It is precise, it is admirable and it is conducted by his direct descendant after three centuries," says Frédéric Lambert about Georg Anton Benda: Sinfonias, an album dedicated to the symphonic works of the Czech composer of the 18th century, who particularly influenced Mozart. It is indeed the violinist Christian Benda, from the same family as the composer, who conducts the Prague Sinfonia Orchestra on this opus. Frédéric Lambert calls this album a brilliant madness and explains to Catherine Perrin why he recommends it to anyone wishing to discover lesser-known composers.


REVIEW - Classique News - Lucas Irom - May 1, 2016

Nice idea of playing his symphonies...

Even on modern instruments, orchestra and conductor know how to emphasize weightlessly the expressive palette of a hypersensitive Benda. The panache, the regular pulse - despite a too distant and echoing sound, the fineness of conducting, the excellent sense of contrasts, the expressive vitality, which obviously refers to Gluck and even seems to anticipate Joseph Haydn, gives here justice to a first symphonic corpus confirming the eloquence and maturity of a composer active in the 1760s and 1770s, pioneer figure of the language of the European Enlightenment.


REVIEW - IBS - Italy

Maestro Christian Benda conducts the music of one of his ancestors with the Prague Sinfonia Orchestra

In this recording he gives us a lively interpretation of some symphonic works by Georg Anton, well known and respected by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Let us hear with satisfaction six rare symphonies in three movements in an excellent rendition also by the Prague Sinfonia Orchestra.

Previn - Renee Fleming & Christian Benda, "I Want Magic"

Here's a taste of André Prévin's gorgeous score for A Streetcar Named Desire, coming to LA Opera this month: Blanche's aria: "I Want Magic!"                           Renee Fleming, soprano - Christian Benda, conductor - Prague Sinfonia Orchestra Look & listen.

Christian Benda Radio Show

If the purpose of an opera overture is to prepare the audience for the mood and emotions of the opera that follows, Rossini was a master. And yet, the overture was almost an after-thought to him. Rossini usually composed it last – often just before the opera’s opening night. In this podcast, Rick Phillips dips into all four volumes of the Naxos complete Rossini Overtures series, offering insight and background. Listen to it

NEW ON NAXOS: Christian Benda conducts Rossini Vol. 4

The Complete Rossini Overtures by Christian Benda and the Prague Sinfonia Orchestra: Rossini’s ceaseless wit and invention are best exemplified in his series of operas. His colourful orchestration and command of both comic and tragic elements can be savoured in Naxos’s complete series of symphonic overtures, either in four standard CD volumes or the spectacular sonics of the two Blu-ray Audio discs. 

Christian Benda conducts Rossini Vol. 3

Here is volume 3 of the series: Curtain up for a Ball of a Time. Here is an enthusiastic review:

Christian Benda on RCA RED SEAL

RCA RED SEAL releases 'Bruch Max / de Sarasate Pablo' CD with Prague Sinfonia, Christian Benda as conductor and Fabrizio von Arx, violin. Info: press paperback cover.

Christian Benda conducts Rossini Vol. 2

“Actually there were lots of discoveries. Many of these pieces, some of them very beautiful, are simply never performed. It was a pleasure and a privilege to discover them.” – Christian Benda on recording the complete Rossini Overtures.

Christian Benda conducts Rossini

Together with the Prague Sinfonia and the Prague Philharmonic Choir, the conductor Christian Benda has recorded the complete overtures by Gioachino Rossini for Naxos. Here is the highly anticipated first volume of the seriesHere are enthusiastic reviews.

Teatro San Carlo, Napoli: Christian Benda, Fabrizio Von Arx, Prague Sinfonia Orchestra

san carlo 2

san carlo 1
 Dal 16 al 17 marzo 2013

Teatro di San Carlo

Direttore: Christian Benda
Violino solista: Fabrizio Von Arx
Prague Sinfonia Orchestra



arx 1
Spettacolo Stagione Sinfonica 2012-2013

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Der Schauspieldirektor, Ouvertüre KV. 486

Max Bruch

Violin Concerto n. 1 in G minor, Op. 26

Pablo de Sarasate

Fantasie sur Carmen, Op. 25

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Sinfonia Haffner n. 35, in re maggiore K. 385

Vaclav Havel: 5 oct 1936 - 18 dec 2011

Vaclav: Vision, Action, Crossroads, Liberty, Altruism, Voice.
Havel: Heart, Artist, Velvet, Evolution, Love.

SCHUBERT Complete Overtures

Prague Sinfonia Orchestra and Christian Benda now on Blu-Ray Audio. Schubert wrote his first theatrical work when he was fourteen and his hopes of success in the genre, never truly realised, were long lasting. He wrote concert overtures and music for Singspiele (Song-plays), in some of which he was guided by his teacher, Salieri. The music for the melodrama Die Zauberharfe (The Magic Harp) is better known as the Overture to Rosamunde, but evidence of his captivating vitality, tunefulness and theatricality is everywhere to be heard. Of volume 1 of the CD release (8.570328) the American Record Guide wrote: ‘The Prague players relish these sun-lit and tuneful pieces and respond with great enthusiasm and affection.’ Sound format: PCM Stereo / DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 Note: This Blu-ray Audio Disc is only playable on Blu-ray Disc players and not compatible with standard CD or DVD players. SCHUBERT Complete Overtures.

The Clocks of the World

Les Horloges Du Monde - The Clocks Of The World - Die Weltenuhren. This is a new movie project and here is the prologue.